Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is an iPhone worth this?


Gizmodo: Where the workers who made your iPhone sleep at night

She Said:

No, it's not worth it.  But it's not going to stop me from buying the next one, and probably the next one.  I know that sounds callous and that's because it is.  Most of the stuff we have is not worth what it "cost".  My GAP jeans, my Target shirts, my TJ Max coat.  Someone, somewhere, with a crappier life than me worked long hours, was treated poorly and underpaid.  And yet I don't do anything. 

I love my iPhone (I even have an iPad-equally as life changing) and I love that I can document every instance of my life, my cats lives, my husband's life and even do math homework and deposit checks.  The only thing my iPhone can't do, is make me feel like a good person. 

I'm sure everyone has these thoughts, I just wish that more people, myself included, would do more to make the world a better place.  I'm not sure why I don't do more to be a contributing member of society in terms of helping the less fortunate in this world.  Is it a distance thing?  I'm not sure.  I would help someone I knew escape a sweat shop.  So why not these people?  I could just as easily have been born there, or work there, or know these people and yet I do nothing.  In terms of spirituality (which I despise) I feel closer now to humanity as an atheist than I did as a christian.  Because I could have been born there I feel like, on a certain level, I was.  I am just like Christine O'Donnell because I am you.  And you are me, and we are them.  And no one's helping us.  But at least we look good.

He Said:

If you read my last post, then you clearly understand that I'm an empathetic, loving, passionate human being with deep feelings who cares about things deeply. Right?

Well, since we understand each other, let me tell you about my iPhone: it rocks. My first iPhone was a 3G model. I waited a WHOLE YEAR to get it. And it was absolutely worth every single suicide net they've had to put up at the factory dorms. Seriously. I got it just before my friend's wedding in Oregon and it made the trip an event to remember (yes, I guess the wedding-thing had a similar effect, too). For two years, I cradled this phone--nay, not a phone, a life-device. Then, the iPhone 4 was announced. And it was gorgeous. And fast. And had a better camera!! Life is literally better with my iPhone in it. Well, my life is better, that is.

Now, I feel a little bad that the workers have to live in cramped, cold, dimly lit quarters (although it gives me some great cost-saving ideas for my employer. Look out, corner office, here I come!). But, let's look at this Gizmodo story closely: they have entertainment rooms, workout equipment, sinks for washing, AND mugs for their toiletries!! Do you think the workers in Upton Sinclair's The Jungle had flatscreen televisions? I think not!

On a serious note, I do hope conditions in China continue to improve. If they don't, we'll never be able to compete with them in a global economy.

Finally, Paula, I welcome your journey to the dark side. It's a little cruel over here, but the gadgets and the WiFi are UNBELIEVABLE!

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